The Metagenics way

Chronic Disease & Nutritional dysbalance

Today chronic health problems have become so normal that most people no longer know how it is to be in excellent health. And if they don’t feel tip-top, they cannot perform at the top of their game.

But many chronic health problems can actually be prevented. They are the result of years of poor dietary habits, a lack of exercise and/or long-term exposure to stress. Leading health organisations are often convinced that many of these health problems can be prevented, controlled or even reversed by returning to a healthier lifestyle - by consuming the right nutrients, being more active and learning to deal with the stressors in life. The solution appears so simple and yet the incidence of chronic illness is increasing at an alarming rate.

Treat the disease effectively & safely | Repair & support nutritional balance

Most illnesses, chronic or otherwise, are associated with a nutritional imbalance. This imbalance can be either the cause or the consequence of the illness. They often drive each other in a vicious circle.

This must be tackled by a healthcare professional. Metagenics offers concepts and products underpinned by science that restore the nutritional balance and help the doctor provide effective and safe treatment.


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